Edoten Made in Japan Setta Sandals. Rush Grass Amezoko Rubber Sole. Dyed Thong.

Russh Grass.
Rubber sole
Heel measures approximately 1.18 inches"
Standard Edoten Russh Grass Sandals.Outsole gives greater cushion and comfort for a long hours wearing.
This is one of the less slippery Amezoko sandals among the sandals available from Edoten.
Recommend Size M 23cm '9.05inch-24cm '9.44in. L 24.5cm '9.64in-26cm '10.23in. XL 26.5cm '10.43in-27.5cm '10.82in
Made in Japan. Sole:Rubber. Surface:Russh Grass.
Made in Japan. Thong:cotton. Surface:Russh Grass RealTatami.
There are no difference in shapes with Setta between right and left, and when wearing toes or heels can be a little out of insole area.
Since older days,Japanese people have been wearing a little smaller sizes of setta than that of usual shoes.