Edoten Samue men’s 4.5 oz light denim cotton 100% soft yarn-dyed fabric oversize

Samue is very useful as work clothes, everyday wear and loungewear. This is a top and bottom set. This is made of yarn-dyed, light and comfortable with 4.5oz thin fabric.
This denim fabric Samue is also recommended for the casual way.
There are some pockets. There is a pocket on the left of the outerwear. (Because there is one more small pocket in it, pens can be put in.)
There are the pockets at the right and left of the front side and right of the back side of trousers.
There is the fastener on the trousers. Because there is rubber and string on the trousers, you can adjust the waist size. Because there are also drawstrings at the hem, you can pull it.
Material : cotton 100%, yarn-dyed, 4.5 oz light and thin denim fabric.
Made in China
Size : M, L, LL, 3L, 4L, 5L
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