Edoten Drawstring pouch Cloth bag Cotton 100% 4.5 oz Yarn-dyed thin denim fabric Shrine stamp book bag Inner pocket Men’s Ladies’

The structure is firm with the inner cloth.
There are 2 convenient inner pockets to put the pens and mobile phone in.

This is the drawstring pouch made of 4.5 oz yarn-dyed denim fabric. It is nice to have this one with the matching denim Samue and Yukata.
As Japanese clothing style of accessory pouch, it is convenient at the festival to put the wallet, folding fan, Tenugui (Japanese hand towel), handkerchief, pocket tissues, mobile phone, cigarette and electronic cigarette etc. in.

A shrine stamp book up to A5 size can be put in.
(A book up to B5 size can be put in although the string cannot be tied and it is open.)
It will be convenient to put the camera and smartphone in when you visit the temples and shrines.

This is the stylish item to suite Japanese clothing like Yukata and Jinbei.
This will be convenient to put the plastic bottle or mini bottle in when you take a walk or go out with a small luggage.
We have 7 color patterns.
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