edoten Fundoshi made in Japan 100% Cotton loincloth comfortable underwear Creatures fish

Japanese classic pants. Fashion under wraps is what defines a true trendsetter. Try out the Etchu Fundoshi (loincloth). You will only find this design at Edoten. It is our original Fundoshi design.

Fundoshi is the traditional Japanese undergarment for adult males, made from a length of cotton.

We carefully sew each and every piece ourselves. Recently, people have taken to calling it retro underwear, getting attention from both men and women, young and old. People like it because it does not use rubber waistbands that constrict the waist and cause rashes, has excellent breathability, and feels gentle and comfortable to wear. Do try it out for yourself. In the Edo period, it was mainly worn by doctors and literati who were not involved in manual labor.