Edoten Igusa Setta Japanese Tatami Zouri Sandals

What is SETTA ?
Japanese traditional sandals for men. (one type of ZOURI which is called Japanese sandals)
Japanese monks and men who wear kimono or hakama commonly wear Setta.
The roots of Setta is from one of the most famous masters of tea ceremony in Japan.

Made of IGUSA
The front of this setta is made of Igusa, a plant called rush in English.
Igusa is used to make Tatami: the traditional Japanese mat.
It looks very authentic and cool !

The originality of Setta
The straps of setta will be tight when you wear for the first time. However, they are very soft and comfortable.
They will fit your feet after wearing few times. This is because they are made to wear tight at the feet, which ensure comfort when walking.
A pair of setta doesn't have specific side of feet.
Traditionally, the little finger and heel are out of setta.
The bottom of this setta has rubber soles.
Useful to protect from water.

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