Edoten Japan 100% Cotton Denim Samue Pattern Printed

Samue is very useful for work cloth, everyday wear and indoor wear. This Samue is a set of the top and the bottom.

This is for someone who wants to wear samue more casually.
Firm fabrics, and familiar as soft and comfortable to wear.

Outerwear: Left side (There is a small pocket inside and you can put a pen etc.)
Trousers: left and right + right back

Pants with zipper. The waist can be adjusted with rubber and string. You can squeeze the hem with a hem cord.

It's made from denim fabric, so the color fades same as jeans. We are recommending washing alone at the beginning of washing. It may fall due to sweat, water wet, friction.

Material: 100% cotton.
Production: China
Color: navy · black · brown · green
Size: M · L · LL · 4L

We have 17 designs. You can check them, size detail and etc. on the shopping site.