Edoten Japan Setta Seigaiha Panama Sandals(sole sponge) Size L

Back sponge setta that is gentle on the waist!
Setta sandals that are easy to walk and don't get tired.
The back uses a slightly hard and firm material sponge.
I also paid attention to the back, and finished it in black for a cool look.

Size: L 25cm(9.8in) Width of about 10cm.(3.9in) Front thickness of about 2.5cm(0.9in). Back thickness of about 2.5cm(0.9in)

Size XL 26.5cm(10.4in) Width of about 10cm(3.9in) Front thickness of about 2.5cm(0.9in) Back thickness of about 2.5cm(0.9in)

Recommended size
L (24.5cm -26cm/9.6in-10.2in)
XL (26.5cm -27.5cm/10.4in-10.8in)

Weight of one side: L116g(4oz), XL120g(4.4oz)
Surface: Vinyl material /Back: sponge

Made in Japan.