Edoten Japan Setta Zori Men’s rush grass(sole Amezoko)

Setta sandals are easy to walk and prevent fatigue.
The sole is made of a sponge material that is slightly stiff and firm.
We are also particular about the sole and finish it in black for a cool appearance.

Made in Japan

The sole is cushioned and non-slip, so you won't get tired even if you wear it for a long time.

Even if you wear it with jeans or casual clothes, it's cool. The rubber sole is non-slip and easy to wear, so it is recommended for those who choose setta for the first time.
Just like sandals, these setta sandals are easy to wear.

[L] Length: 25cm(9.8in), Width: 10cm.(3.9in), Front thickness: 1cm(0.39in), Rear thickness: 3cm(1.18in)

[XL] Length:26.5cm(10.4in), Width: 10cm(3.9in), Front thickness: 1cm(0.39in), Rear thickness: 3cm(1.18in)

We have 3 designs. You can check them on the shopping site.