edoten Japanese Clothes Slub Jacket cardigan Happi coat made in Japan

By making the slab fabric with slab yarn with thick and thin parts, the surface of the fabric also has a rough part.

We carefully sew Japanese-made fabrics at the domestic our own factory.

It is a slab fabric woven with slab yarn, and the surface becomes uneven due to irregular length and thickness.

Size: One-size-fits-all
Height: 86㎝(33.55in), Width: 69㎝(27.11in), Around the Sleeves 68.5㎝(26.31in), Sleeve length 68.5㎝(26.31in).

Material: cotton 100%.
Made in Japan

Hand washing is recommended. The color will fade, so please wash it separately from other items.

You can use it as a Haori when it's a little cold or as a bathrobe.

We have 2 colors. You can check the detail on the shopping site.