Edoten Japanese pattern Hanten Reversible Hand-wash is no problem Polyester Ladies’ One-size-fits-all

This is recommended for outing in winter and relaxing time at home.
This is the reversible Hanten with Japanese pattern. You can enjoy 2 stylish patterns on the front and back side.
This is a convenient Hanten which is light and comfortable to wear !
This is recommended for your relaxing time at home or for going out for a short time.
The smooth polyester fabric on the sleeves makes it easy to put on.
The large pockets are also easy to use. This is hand washable Hanten.

Body length: 83 cm (32.7 in)
Body width: 65 cm (25.6 in)
Sleeve length: 35 cm (13.8 in)

Matching size
Chest: 79 - 94 cm (29.1 in - 37.0 in) Height: 154 cm - 162 cm (5ft 0.6 in - 5ft 3.8 in)

Front: Polyester 100%, Back: Polyester 100%
Filling: Polyester 100%, Collar: Polyester 65%, Cotton 35%
Made in China, Plan & Design: Japan