edoten Japanese Samurai Hakama Uniform RD×WH UMA XL

The fabric fits comfortably in the body with just the right amount of softness, which is popular for being easy to handle.
Material: cotton 100%

The size of the hakama is represented by the size "under the string". It is the length measured vertically from under the navel to the ankle. And under the string is the length of the hem of the skirt from below the previous string.

And under the string is the longitudinal length of the ankle from under the navel. It will be slightly different depending on the position of the obi to be tightened and the condition of the abdomen.

Height: Men's: 160~165㎝ 63"-65", Women: 150~160㎝ 59"-63" Under the strings size 85㎝ 33.46"

Height: Men's: 165~170㎝ 65"-67", Women: 155~165㎝ 61"-65" Under the strings size 90㎝ 35.4"

Height: Men's: 170~175㎝ 67"-69",Womens160~170㎝ 63"-67" Under the strings size 95㎝ 37.4"