Edoten Made in Japan Setta Sandals. Rush Grass Amezoko Rubber Sole. Dyed Thong.

Standard Edoten Russh Grass Sandals.
Outsole gives greater cushion and comfort for a long hour wearing.

This is one of the less slippery Amezoko sandals among the sandals available from Edoten.

Recommend Size
M: 23cm '9.05 in - 24 cm '9.44 in.
L: 24.5cm '9.64 in - 26 cm '10.23 in.
XL: 26.5cm '10.43 in - 27.5 cm '10.82 in

Made in Japan.
Sole: Rubber. Surface: Russh Grass. Real Tatami. Thong: cotton.

There is no difference in shapes with Setta between right and left, and when wearing, toes or heels can be a little out of insole area. Since older days, Japanese people have been wearing a little smaller size of setta than that of usual shoes.

We have 5 designs. You can check the detail on the shopping site.