edoten Men’s Japan Kimono Jimbei SIJIRAORI 100% Cotton

SIJIRAORI (traditional woven pattern). 100% Cotton. Ninja Summer Wear. Japanese summer style Jinbei. This is the traditional Japanese leisure wear, Kimono style called Shijira Jimbei. It is very popular among Japanese people of any age group in summer as a comfortable room wear at home and in public such as a festival.

Because it is a loose fit and the breeze can easily touch your skin as the sleeves are widely open to cool your body temperature down. Shijira is Japanese way of describing seersucker, a thin, puckered, all-cotton fabric used for spring and summer wear. Jimbei is a Kimono style pair of the top and the pants.

The jacket top is held closed with simple string ties, tied in a bow knot, that is easily pulled and released to open. The top has two pockets. The pants have two pockets at both sides and one pocket at the back and also the fly zipper. We have 6 sizes and 9 colors.

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