Edoten Mens Yukata (With an Obi Belt)

100% Cotton Mens Yukata
Elegant Japanese Pattern Yukata for Men.
We will deliver a set of Obi belt.

Perfect for events and festivals. It will be able to stand out Japanese traditional pattern and Kanji.

This Yukata made of the soft cotton will bring you a different skin feeling which is comfortable and cool. 100 % cotton, lightweight.

[M] Length: 140cm (55.1 in), Body Width: 61cm(24in), From neck point to cuff: 66cm (25.9 in), Sleeve length: 47cm(18.5in), Sleeve Width: 33cm(12.9in)

[L] Length: 146cm (54.7 in), Body Width: 62cm(24.2in), Sleeve length: 47cm (18.5 in), Sleeve Width: 38cm (14.9 in), Sleeve: 68cm (26.7 in), Height 165 ~ 175cm (5ft 5 in - 5ft 9 in)

[XL] Length: 154cm (60.6 in), Body Width: 63cm (24.8 in), From neck point to cuff: 73cm (28.7 in), Sleeve length: 47cm (18.5 in), Sleeve Width: 40cm (15.7 in)

Yukata for men and women. With the same pattern of belts.