Edoten Sacoche Crossbody bag Made in Japan Sashiko fabric Cotton 100% Shoulder bags Men’s Ladies’

This is recommended for the cycling or outing.
This is lined and firm.
This is the sacoche made of Sashiko weave fabric which is convenient for carrying around the small items.
This is carefully sewn at Japanese factory. Because the texture of the yarn-dyed Sashiko weave fabric is elegant, this shoulder bag easily goes well with Western and Japanese clothing.
You can use this to put the portable food, maps, towels etc. in which you want to pull out quickly while cycling, mountain climbing, or trekking. You can also put small items such as the wallet, mobile phone, earphones and cigarettes in when you are out for a walk while traveling.
This is recommended for going out with Yukata, Jinbei and Samue.
You can use this as the accessory porch for Japanese clothing like Samue, Jinbei and Yukata.

We have 3 colors. You can check the detail on the shopping site.