Edoten Samue Japanese Traditional Kimono Pajamas

BEST-SELLING product in our shop
In our shop, “Edoten Samue : Traditional Japanese Kimono-Pajamas” is one of the top-selling products for Japanese customers.
Because it is very comfortable to wear.

What is SAMUE ?
Samue is the traditional Japanese clothing to relax at home.
Its origin comes from monk’s working clothes.
Samue is the set of a long-sleeves outerwear and long pants.
Commonly made of cotton.
It is also used by professionals, such as Japanese chefs, Japanese potters, Japanese bodywork therapists and others.
Nowadays, Japanese high standard hotels provide Samue as pajamas for guests.

Simple, unique and cool !!
This Samue is made of 100% cotton.
The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear.
You can wear it to relax at home as a pajama.
It looks very authentic and exclusive.
Therefore, you can also use to go out to nearby shops and parks.

Available in 3 colors and 3 sizes
Blue, Navy and Blown.

You can check the size detail on the shopping site.