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These slippers are made in Japan and we are particular about the goodness of the wearing.
This is made through from the manufacturing to the inspection by Japanese craftsmen who prioritize the spirit of the craftsmanship at the Japanese factory.
Okayama denim is used for the instep and edge of the slippers. Okayama is the major production area of denim in Japan. The reverse side design is an accent and fashionable.
The insole is made of rush which is good at breathability and humidity control. You will feel dry and comfortable to wear it.
The shoe sole is made of felt and slides smoothly with no damage to the wooden floor and the footsteps are quiet. There is a non-slip part at the heel.
The felt sole has been used for luxury slippers in Japan and we are particular about the structure which is reasonable for walking with the slippers, " the front part is smooth and the rear part is grippy with the non-slip part.".
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