Edoten Traditional Japanese sandal Setta Made in Japan Rush Black Checker Zori Black Sponge sole Crepe Japanese pattern thong Men’s Ladies’

These are the Setta (Japanese sandals) with the cool black checkered pattern and with the rush insole which make the sole of the feet refreshed and comfortable to wear. It is easy to walk with the cushioned sponge sole !

Because the rush has good breathability, it will not be stuffy even if you wear these for a long time.
You feel like you’re on tatami mats and the soles of your feet stay dry and comfortable.

Because the sole is made of sponge, it has cushioning properties which reduce the burden on your knees and lower back.
These are also recommended for the person who has never try Setta before.
The thong has a crepe monochrome Japanese pattern giving it an elegant atmosphere.
It goes well not only with Japanese clothing for festivals, but also with everyday wear and Western clothing.
Because of the sponge sole, you can wear these items as the slippers or room shoes in indoor.

We have 8 colors and 2 sizes.
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